About me

The Author

My name is Navin. I usually live in Sydney, Australia.

I’m a software engineer with experience in Ruby (on and off Rails), Clojure and R with an increasing amount of time spent with Haskell on the side.

I’m also a retreaded mathematician, data curioso, functional programming enthusiast and erstwhile information security bod.

I studied Computer Science when Z-80s and 6502s were the microprocessors of the day and the university lab splurged on a bunch of NeXT workstations. My Operating Systems class involved group readings of the Unix kernel source. Some mathematicians on campus were nice to me once and 10 years later I found myself with a PhD in pure mathematics and a couple of publications to my name.

I have been around the block a few times, and lived a few very different lives. These include:

If there's one thing that's been a constant, it's that I like to learn - really a lot.

The Site

I write here. Topics include information and opinion relevant to my adventures as a technologist.

This site is hosted on GitHub using their Pages feature.

It is created using the static site generator middleman, using my middleman-twitter-bootstrap extension.


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Feel free to get in touch. My email address is navin at novemberkilo.com