Different fingerprints for same asset

Documenting an issue that we ran into with the Rails asset pipeline on a recent upgrade to Rails 4.1.0. Specifically this issue with sprockets-rails 2.1.3.


  • Different nodes have different fingerprints for the same assets. Thus assets don't load consistently and you end up with 404s.
  • Repeatedly running rake assets:precompile locally results in different fingerprints for the same assets on each run.

The fix

If you are seeing these symptoms don't use sprockets-rails 2.1.3. The issue references a pull-request that fixes the problem - this is now on master and should be in the 2.1.4 release. We rolled back to sprockets-rails 2.0.1 (simply because that's what was on our Rails 4.0 master branch) but later versions of sprockets-rails might work as well.